Sunday, January 28, 2007

Rooney Tunes - Doing Fine

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Boy has Mickey Rooney (aka Rooney Tunes) got it bad. The love bug, that is. As someone commented on his message board, he must have lots of female fans and there would be no argument from me on that score. There again, as I've also made painfully clear, it isn't always a genre (pop ballads, jazzy fusions) that I'd enjoy let alone coat with acres of love triangles, love unrequited and and and... I'm sure Mike knows that I'm only half joking there because although I may not always like the content of his song, there is no doubting the quality and it's that which keeps me listening.

If that sounds like I am denigrating RT's work, it is exactly the opposite. It's because of his work in creating these tracks musically and technically that really fascinate me, genres I can take or leave. A good musician I am likely to pester to an early grave - even one knee deep in the throes of romantic orgasms. Seriously, every Rooney Tunes track I have heard has been first class work, regardless of the genre and that's all that counts in my book. From the very first piano/fretless bass run, you know immediately that you are in for an aural treat, a mix so clean and professional you could eat your dinner off it. The fretless bass is, for me, one of the highlights of the track because I love the instrument and its fit in this track is immaculate.

Doing Fine is - once again a hallmark of this artist - a great song, if a bit middle of the road in style. Nonetheless, when you consider that the target audience is one where that musical ground is huge and Rooney Tunes will undoubtedly carve out his own territory from it. Rightly so as it happens because its difficult to pick holes in such a professional peice of work and even harder not to like an honest, straightforward account of getting over a love affair.. There is a touch - to my ears - of Barry Manilow about it and that is I guess yet another selling point although the classification may need adjusting. Whatever, this is a very, very slick track that will knock you on your butt if you like the style. It may even do that even if you think I should now go and wash my moth out with soap and water for draggin' ol' Bignose (Ed: That's MR Manilow to you, ya scurvy wretch!) into such a sane review.

Doing Fine is much better than that :D Highly Recommended pop ballad.

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