Monday, January 22, 2007

Slippy-T - Ain't This Just the Feeling 2 (JB Tribute)

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The funky monkey strikes again! For those who spend most of their life off-planet, or in whatever place they go to, almost at the end of last year we lost one of the funkiest human beings ever to have lived, the late lamented Mr James Brown Funk Sould Brother #1. Considering the impact this one man has had on todays music it was painful to see the extremely small amount of online mourners who bothered to post anything about this very sad event. Without JB, there would have been no hip hop, no rap and very little in the way of decent grooves to make a fool of yourself at the disco of a Saturday night. Respect to the man was his due - regardless of the kind of human being he was, or the life he hed. As a world changing individual who affected ALL forms of music for almost fifty years, the accomplishments of James Brown are inspirational.

So why was everybody so quiet when he died? An endless source of astonishment to me.

Slippy, bless his cotton socks, knows how to pay his respects in the best way possible and Ain't This Just The Feeling is a slice of pure funk dominated by the most awesome bassline you are likely to hear this side of the Blue Flames. Introducing the track with JB's trademark oooowww sample was a stroke of inspiration because it really sets you up for the beat that follows. There again, having said that, I wouldn't have expected anything less from this long time member of MP3 Unsigned who always puts in that little effort that makes his tracks work on all levels - regardless of what genre he happens to working at the time.

As an awesome slice of funk, Just The Feeling comes across better instrumentally than it does vocally IMHO. I think this has to do with the way that Rob (aka Slippy) puts across the track this time, there is a hollow sound on the vocal I found very off-putting. Considering the incendiary nature of the superb backing track, somehow the vocal never quite gets up there with it and I felt that was a bit of a missed opportunity. There again, it's really the kind of thing no-one but a nerdhead like me is going to notice, the rest of you will be getting off on the beats as if there were no tomorrow and getting down like you were meant to do. The one thing Slippy has always done is supply some very decent funk and on this track he's surpassed himself - at least musically.

Highly Recommended tribute.

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