Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Fluidity - An Ode To Insanity

Hear The Track Here

The problem on Soundclick with making a splash first time out (as Fluidity obviously did or we wouldn't be talking about it) is that it forever puts you on the spot. At that point, you are only as good as your last track, know what I mean? Nonetheless, Fluidity has managed to overcome that with a string of well put together rock tracks with his own particular style stamped through it. Fluidity is the name and fluidity is the game and it works extremely well. There have been a couple of tracks that haven't quite done it for me but the overwhelming number of tracks I have heard from this artist make him one of my SC favourites.

Lets see: so far I've compared him to Pink Floyd (Waters or Barrett, take your pick), The Cure, Spilt Enz, Crowded House (of course since he's from NZ) and just lately he's been reminding me of Status Quo so this time round, I'll not to compare him to anybody. With Fluidity its best not to take too much notice of the title because there ain't anything that insane happening here, at least not that Mad Scientist stuff we have heard lately. What we get is pretty much I have come to expect from JP: excellent rock tunes made in the classic style. In that respect, the only that then needs to be said is this better than all that has come before?

Well noooo, but that's one of the things about Fluidity's work, he has sounded like this since the beginning and judgng by his popularity, it's certainly paying off for him. It should because Fluidity is a rock artist through and through and he knows how to make the vocals push through, so it would be fair to say that - outside of its genre - it may not attract too much attention particularly seeing as it is 'just' a good song. There again to use that description to describe An Ode To Insanity isn't to do it justice either because it's a far better track - technically and materially - than most online musicians are capable of, but judged against his previous work... Well, I think you get my drift...

Class rock track. Recommended.

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