Sunday, January 28, 2007

Greybrow - Brainstorm

Hear The Track Here

I don't know whether it's because I have been spending less time on MP3 Unsigned or whether Greybrow has but going back through the reviews it's been some considerable time since I came across a new Greybrow offering. The last thing I seem to have heard from this once prolific MP3 Unsigned artist was back when I reviewed Mon cœur en été (July 2006), a typically neat peice of electronic chill out which - although not really my thang - principally because I like what Greybrow does even if I don't always agree with the musical field it roams in. That's the difference, in my mind, between experimental which consists of bashing things together to see if they work (ie a lot of it) or experimental that is cogent, unsettling and raw as a canker sore.

Ever had a little fragment of a tune that you played over and over again, finally start adding things to it and eventually end up with a track that makes you think 'where the fekk did that come from'? I suspect that is much the culprit here but in such a weird and wonderful manner it makes perfect sense. See, Greybrow is a fiddler. There he was, deep with the guts of Absynth tinkering with its more esoteric sounds, and the next thing you know of it's a track called Brainstorm and - believe me - it does exactly what it says on the tin so be forewarned.

Obviously then it's gonna feature a lot of sound oddities but in the world called Greybrow this is perfectly commonplace so if you are a long time fan, this'll be right up your street guv. Because what it does, as I said before, is build ferociously within the old brainpan, each added element stacking up the weight until - about halfway through - steam starts coming out of your ears. God you make it sound terrible Gilmore, you cry in horror! Yes, that may be true, in any other hands, but Greybrow shows his usual devotion to sound fidelity and makes each sweep count. It is, I have since discovered, a new track so I hope this means that we will be seeing more of this artist because I could do with the odd catharsis every now and then.

Excellently realised experimental music. Highly Recommended.

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