Saturday, January 20, 2007

pre-OKL - Something Green (Insurance Policy)

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OK OK, stop rubbing your eyes in amazement, I'm not impressed. Yep, it's those guys again and there really is no getting away from them; moreover, as you may have guessed from the bandname, now they are throwing everything into the ring. Tracks then, from the One Kid's Lunch Vintage Vault, so brace yerselves... To be honest, I really wasn't looking forward to hearing this, although I must admit to some interest in where the bands distinctive style came from. The reason I wasn't looking forward to it is because I am very much into what One Kid's Lunch are doing now and I would hate to think I would judge this against tracks I have great affection for, but it probably will weigh against it whether I like it or not.

and the boys know that too. See 'em grinning? Those naughty, naughty boys.

Apparently, this track is taken from a time when they had bandnames like (and I quote cos you couldn't make this stuff up) Fred Ted and Grandma's Pants. Yeeah, riiiiiiight... I think it's time to start rubbing your eyes again. To help you with that task let's get wit' duh music and hit that groovy beat... It's immediately obvious that once a lunatic always a lunatic because Something Green is as mad as a box of frogs. The strength of the parody isn't as defined in this track as in their later work but it is still indeliby stamped with that particular brand of humour these guys always bring along to the party, and after the comedy ends there is a section that sends shivers down my spine every time I hear it.

As in brrrrr.

While I found the main part of this track as chucklesome as ever, I do enjoy a good musical joke and this has very strong echoes of the early work of Neil Innes or The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band but around 1:40 the track changes character altogether and shows a side to Dustin and Dave (aka pre- and post- OKL) I personally would love to hear updated. So as much as I enjoyed the silliness of Something Green it was the Insurance Policy that is the diamond here, and oh how it sparkles. I'm an absolute sucker for a great song and Insurance Policy is all that and then some. A beautifully touching, plaintive track that just cries out to be expanded, updated and turned into the killer track it could be. As it is, it'll knock your damn silly socks off, provided you can recognise a good song when you hear it. So? A worthwhile exercise? If the track had consisted of the first minute and fifty seconds, I would have liked it, laughed a bit and then got on with life. The second minutes made this an absolute keeper for me because the song is everything I said it is and more. Come on guys, give this one a OKL go!!

A good laugh and then a song of great attraction, what more could you need? Highly Recommended.

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