Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tragik The Tragedy - When All Light Dies

Hear The Track Here

We first came across this Canadian rapper with She Says (August 2011), a Sinima produced track that was interesting but not enough to make it stand out of the ever increasing hip hop pack although I did say that TTT may be a rapper to watch. Like a great many indie rappers, Tragik seems to have to rely on outside sources for music to bounce his raps off, and that has been a mighty hurdle for just about everyone attempting it and - in my view anyway - fails more often than not. It takes a special skill to absolutely stitch a disparate music and rap together so they would appear to be one and the same thing, and I really haven't heard too many accomplish that in all the time I have been reviewing this style.

Still, there's always room for improvement, and thankfully that has happened to indie hip hop - at least on Soundclick. Not a song about entropy itself, but hey ya never know... It appears to be a track about emotional stormclouds in that time honoured navel-gazing style beloved of all mopes, although saved in this case by a neat music track and again a very decent rap. Still, as the Americans would have it - that and a quarter won't get you uptown. As big as some of the other musical scenes are on Soundclick but the hip hop scene dwarfs them all, and therein lies the problem for rappers such as Tragik The Tragedy.

I am sure that the Soundclick rappers I like, the ones I consider different enough would agree whole-heartedly about how hard it is to even make a dent in the bling-encrusted riches and b*tches world but IMHO this is only a matter of time and education. Compared with most real world commercial hip hop, indie varieties are on fire with ideas, great rhythms and a willingness to use whatever works musically, and to really make a mark you need to have something special; something that makes people stop and pay attention. As far as the actual mechanics of the thing, Tragik The Tragedy has it.

All it needs now is a vision....recommended nonetheless.

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