Sunday, December 18, 2011

Those Among Us - Sayonara Sally

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I remember, vaguely obviously, being told that I have either heard and/or reviewed this track as a Silvertrain epistle but for the life of me I can't remember so I went looking and now - covered in dust - I found the review. 2003-2004 were glory days indeed for Silvertrain, they were everyone's darlings and this track dates from that period but... That, my learned friends is a literary pregnant pause, and I use a couple of quotes from that August 2004 review to illustrate why. 'Silvertrain are amongst my favourite bands ANYWHERE' is promptly followed by 'Personally, I think they have something in for me. They know full well that I can't abide ballads, but here's another one' See, as much as I liked Silvertrain, it was pop rock one minute wonder variety that really hit the spot. So, not only did John Brandon inflict it on me once, he thinks he can get away with it again?

Where's me knife set????

Resurrected by Those Amongst Us (John is a member, along with Lino Gonzalez and Steven 'Mez' Mesropian) and now appearing as a track on their new Final Destination EP. I must admit to wondering whether my opinion of the track had changed any. Liked the song, despised the genre but Those Among Us are a very different proposition to Silvertrain in a great many ways, most of them good so stop sweatin'. This version of Sayonara Sally stubbornly remains a ballad in every respect, so not much has changed there. I mentioned originally that I liked the actual song and something must have stopped me from seeing it before, this version has corrected that oversight - and perfectly too. Firstly, top marks to whoever did the mix/production here, it is absolutely right on the money.

I think that helps enormously to put the emotional content of the song across whereas I don't think it did in the original, otherwise that review might have been quite different. OK, I admit I still can't abide the ******* things (ballads, that is) but if you were to strap me to a chair and torture me with a choice selection of them then this would have to be one of them. If I had to be driven into a foaming tantrum I would rather it was with a bit of class, and this track has that and more. Essentially a song about a life lived out of control with inevitable consequences, Sayonara Sally is inventive (especially technically), involving and entertaining. The way that the band have stitched this together is nothing short of amazing, and I don't get to say that often about ballads. So, if I (finally) get it, there is all the hope in the world for you guys. Go. Listen.

Highly Recommended indeed.

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