Thursday, December 15, 2011

Weylin's Slayer Orchestra - Love

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I had hardly pushed open the old, battered review door at Soundclick before Weylin bounded in, clutching his new opus. 'It's LOVE' he shouts, and I start eyeing all the likely escape routes out of there. He was, of course, referring to the title of said new opus and not proclaiming his undying devotion to this reviewer. This to show that I still have a grip on reality and understand that not everyone in the world worships at my feet, even though they rightly should. Anyway, beside the point. I finally shooed Weylin off, still declaiming love to all and sundry to some astonished, and no doubt completely innocent passers-by. By the time I got to the actual review I had almost put that part out of my mind (well, you would, wouldn't you?) and started to worry another puzzle. Think on this, o jaded ones, what do we associate Weylin's Slayer Orchestra with?

Well, here's a Helpful Hint: The dark side is strong in this one...

There ain't usually much l-o-v-e in the dark, satanic **** you of death metal after all, know what I mean? Not the right tone at all. So, did this mean that Weylin had embarked on a sunnier, brighter vision than the classical/prog-rock/soundtrack he has pursued up to this point? And with some success too, I might add. Thankfully the love on display on this track is not the hearts/flowers/cute critters vomit inducing variety but merely the love of one man and his axe. Wait!! Wait!!! Why are you all running away screaming like wounded antelope? (Ed: isn't that what they always do?) I refer to the guitar of course and, I am pleased to finally discover that ol' Weylin here has a hint of the Guitar God about him, certainly on this track if not
any other of his little vignettes.

We've done the supersonic kick conversation already so now I know that speed (drums anyway) is of the essence. If you can rattle the windows with a kick drum exceeding 200bpm, that's half the battle apparently. Me, I'll just blink a little, look dazed and move right along. What seals the the deal for me, and always has even since this musician finally grew on me (Ed: ewwww, won't that stain??) is his obvious love for metal, regardless of the genre trappings. As you know, even the word soundtr*ck has been known to have me hammering up the storm blinds, but Weylin's Slayer Orchestra has always added that special edge, a noticeable sound for a start, Judging by some of his stats on this track, it's doing well as it should because it's pretty intense, probably for speed freaks but more especially for metal heads everywhere.

Rock at light speed. Highly Recommended.

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