Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mike B is for Byj - Beneath The Belt

Hear The Track Here

Fourth time around for Canadian pop rocker Mike B is for Byj which is, by far, is the weirdest band name I have ever come across but hey that isn't what counts. During the space of those earlier three tracks - Crybaby (April 2011), Average Joe (June 2011) and Look, Look, Look (September 2011) - Mike showed what he had to offer (sharp pop rock songwriting in partic-u-lar) with Look Look Look coming out as the clear favourite. As you know I like most shades of rock, and the harder the better so it should be a given that I would like someone like Mike B and while I have liked what I have heard so far, there hasn't been anything that really set me on my ass.

Oh unfair, you may cry, but when I hear the quality of Mike's work, for me the production just doesn't match it - and I think that applies across all the tracks. We work with what we are given (or steal) though, and I do often make amends for that but when all is said and done, these days computer mastering is relatively easy to do. Beneath the Belt is so deserving of its Garage Rock listing; so consequently rough and ready is the production norm anyway so that would make it alright surely? It definitely does if you are looking for a quick shot of energy. Kinda hard to tell whether the production is better but certainly I found this clear and sharp enough - in a garage rock sort of way.

To be sure, Mike B has a knack for this kind of track, and the style suits his production sound and - to my ears anyway - is a pretty good song to boot but (uh oh) I think this will probably boil down to a personal taste thing. Personally I like its shouty vocal style and the fire-up-the-butt pace but I'm well aware there are a great many people who would just think it a 'racket', but they were never into punk I guess, or even garage bands (more an American thing). Either that or old, deaf and slow. One thing I have to say about Mike B, the man does deliver something different every time and long may he continue to do so. Mind you, at the back of my mind, is that wish to be knocked on my ass... Some, I guess, might call that high hopes but it has a kind of inevitability about it IMHO.

Highly Recommended Punky Pop

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