Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sukuta - Visions

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Having hoovered up every track on Sukuta's Soundclick page last month while supposedly reviewing Out There (November 2011), he surprisingly comes up with a brand new track this month as if to say nrrrr, I have loads more. So, a slight recap: Sukuta works in the same musical nooks and crannies as yours truly (that's me folks) so when something is presented to me as World music, I am bound to perk up and listen more.closely. Although I definitely liked what I heard, for my money all of the tracks tended to wander off the point a bit although soundwise the man seemed to know his stuff (Ed: Doesn't look like a man to me, look at that artist pic, he's hairer than a hairy thing...)

Visions is exactly as billed, a 'dark ambient/world music blend' of orchestral vocals and electronica that works surprisingly well. Much more welcome is the fact that is considerably shorter than any of his previous tracks - all of which weighed in at some seven minutes each. Visions is a sprightly five and a bits minutes and is so full of interesting, atmospheric sequences that flow quite naturally - the whole point, I would have thought, of ambient. Something that just occurs naturally or organically, innit? As regular readers will already know I always have bad experiences when cavorting with the 'ambient' word because, to be quite honest, most of it just puts me to sleep. Mind you, that may the intention of the genre, a calming, relaxing, warm and cos.......(snore)

What?? What??

I will grant that I preferred Sukuta when world music is on the menu but Visions, with all its ambient allusions doesn't really do much for me. That's because I don't particularly care for it, even when it is put together as well as Visions has been. Moreover, lets face it, there are many more people out there who DO like the genre and try and keep up with its growth. Sukuta has certainly shown over the space of these tracks that his ideas are good, as is the performance. Any of the five or so tracks on his page will show that here is a musician who can at least make it ALL sound good, whatever your taste. Besides, I have a well known phobia about ambient and most people take that into account.. (Ed: Most people...mmmm..that'll be me, your mum, the goldfish and the dog then right??)

Recommended dark ambient.

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