Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ian Dadon - Hollowtime

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Dunno what it is about the Soundclick tribe, I've been reviewing there since the year dot and have I been able to train them to do the simplest things? Not a ferkin hope mate. To get a review from me is simplicity itself, a link to a downloadable file and presto - instant opinion. No matter what, every month, someone (usually several someones) forget either how to create a download link or are just simply to lazy to do it. Normally I either let the request die a festering death or just review it online, as I did this one. Ian, obviously, fell into the trap mentioned above and I bring it up in this review as a gentle reminder that I may not be so lenient in the future. Besides, I really don't think a musician's best interests are served by listening to an ultimately inferior streamed version. I never give it as much time as I would a track that lived on my hard drive. It's a personal quirk I know, but I am the one doing the listening after all and I don't ask for much......

Aahhhh, poor, poor Gilmore....(sniff)

As you can see, the track is not downloadable for you lot either so you need to know whether its worth your listening time. This is the eighth or ninth track I have reviewed from this Israeli singer/songwriter and for sure he knows how to write a good song. Never quite it the high spots with me, but the comments and ratings so far - from all quarters - show that he has appreciation on a good scale. Hollowtime is a song about 'wasted time, wasted human life' and - like previous tracks - has its roots firmly in the fine old rock tradition. Funnily enough I got a hell of a Jack Bruce thing off the vocal on this song. Although Ian's voice hasn't got that power (yet), it's a real good sign of where he's going with it and that alone makes the effort of reviewing this live worthwhile.

I've often compared Ian with JPC (NZ) another Soundclick rock musician working in the same field. As well as sharing a similar sound, vocally and instrumentally, they also share the ability to construct quite complex song structures that may well be too much for straight ahead rockers but I'm pretty happy with what comes out. Hollowtime is yet another track where reading the words while listening greatly helps you understanding of the song, although I have to say the vocals are a lot clearer on this track than a great many of his previous efforts. All in all, Hollowtime is a chunky slab of rock that will have regular Ian Dadon fans rocking away although others may still have to acquire the taste...

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