Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thomas J Marchant - Blackout

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I tend to get very reflective at this time of year, a trait that has resulted in over nine years of Year End Reviews, and of course, those Tracks/Artist Of The Year jobbies. I feel a warm glow in handing Thomas J Marchant Artist Of The Year 2008, and seeing him going from strength to strength since then, despite pitfalls and setbacks. Now it would be obvious to a desert signpost (Ed: what's that thing doing in here?) that I am a big fan of Thomas's work, and in fact of his attitude towards life in this odd musical world. Like all good, true musical voices (and I am not talking vocally here), Thomas's version is was also obtained by long and often tedious sidetracks, learning the tricks of the trade and - finally - being able to put all that to good use - or in Thomas's case sometimes mis-use (and I mean that in the nicest way).

Thomas J Marchant, despite all the early indications, turned into one of Soundclick's finer songwriters with a freewheeling, don't really care attitude that is infectious to say the least - regardless of what his lyrical subject matter is. What seals the deal for me, and all his other fans, is that utterly recognisable voice and style; I would know this musician anywhere and welcome him into my ears. Historically, Thomas is either back in the late 1950's (with all the hallmarks of the period) or somewhere in the punk period but not on Blackout although it's roots definitely lie in punk rock. It's a zippy little bastard too, scooting along at a very respectable version of rockabilly. I always let this musicians tracks sink into my mind slowly because it's never easy pinning down what is working in the track to make it so easy on the ears.

In this case, it's that combination of quasi-rockabilly beat with the completely deadpan way Thomas spits the lyrics out. Moreover coming in at a whisker under two minutes long, what is too lose? What you would gain is a musical feelgood experience (more so if you already like this musician) from one of the most idiosyncratic Soundclick artists there is. 'Do yourself a favour' as Thomas would have it. Although he does follow that comment by saying you should always talk to strangers and I know that mummies worldwide will be shocked by that, but I agree. Talking to strangers is a special part of life and what are strangers if not friends you haven't met yet? Go, hear Thomas J Marchant tell the tale in his inimitable fashion.

Highly Recommended modern rockabilly romp.

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