Saturday, December 24, 2011

Swingjazza - Taking The Slow Train

Hear The Track Here

Here's this year's one (and only) Xmas quiz, guess what kind of music this musician makes... Not too difficult is it? Oi!! Oi!! don't be lining up for prizes, I guard my Scroogeness jealously. Tim Lowe (aka Swingjazza) is a new name to me from Soundclick, and he hasn't been on there long either but longevity on Soundclick means nothing because - being of a certain age - Tim has obviously had some serious experience. To really play jazz, you need a) a gift from God or failing that b) years of playing. Being myself of a certain age I remember when the term 'don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing' carried some weight. A sentiment I can fully get behind. Although my early years were coloured by jazz and its influences, I hated it at the time. It was parents music, ya know? Of course, I changed my mind about the genre as I have about almost everything as I've grown older.

It'll do that to you, will life....

These days I have a ravenous taste for the genre, although it isn't something I listen to regularly but I do enjoy the times when it appears on my review lists. Swingjazza goes for the slinky, smoky sprawl over the piano lounge sound, and scores a point right there for getting the atmosphere right. Score another point for the lyrics and song structure and the very stylish vocal... While I can appreciate these things though, it don't mean a thing unless it's... (Ed: OK, we get the picture, on! on!) got the right tone and that is where Taking The Slow Train Home scores more than most. Mind you, lounge jazz would have to be something you like and I know there are lots of people who do, and obviously it's them this is aimed at not an uncouth and opinionated reviewer.

Now as you know, I am not one to leave stones unturned so I can see what crawls out, and this track made me curious about ol' swingthing.. The sax solo on this is right in the pocket AND just the right length and tone so when I saw the Just A Moonlight Dance collaboration with our old friend 333maxwell, how could I resist?? Chas Holman (aka 333maxwell) has almost singlehandedly redeemed the name of jazz on Soundclick and is a pretty mean clarinetist. Tim plays a mean saxophone, they are both steeped in years of jazz tradition so what's not to like? Well. if you put in a smidgen of Beatles melodies into the song, and doubled up on the vocals it would be perfect, wouldn't it? Indeed it would, and indeed it is. Go listen to that too..

Highly Recommended lounge jazz.

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