Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cinnabar - A small bit of Ilrod

Hear The Track Here

Looking at how ferociously I hate the whole prog rock thing you would be welcome to be surprised that Cinnabar do a sort of prog rock thing, and they have a miraculous three Must Have from me over the space of half a dozen tracks. Yeah, wooahh indeed. Gotta be some kind of fit for purpose proggie tendency to get one of those bad boys but Matt Tyson and Gary Judge (aka Cinnabar) have been doing this for a while and have picked up some suitable tricks, but obviously without some talent right at the beginning tricks mean nothing. Welp, as far as I can tell, Gary brings the music to these parties and Matt supplies some of the best vocals I have heard online or off it - especially if the Beach Boys happened to be a favourite sound for you.,

The Ilrod in question, of which this is a small part apparently, is from the album Ilrod's Journey and knowing proggies, it could well mean that the whole album is one track - of which this is but a small part. Huh, small or not, depends on which end of it you are on. To say that a 'small part' is definitely a proggie when the track weighs in at a ball busting nine and a half minutes so anyone whose attention is likely to stray won't get much from this, but those who are of the proggie persuasion will absolutely love it - and well they should. If that sounds like an approving tone in my voice, you would be right. As much as I hate the original concept of big hair prog rock, I have found since the turn of the century that there are quite a few newer prog rock things I do like. As ashamed as that might make me by admitting it.

At the hands of a couple of very accomplished musicians (and Judge and Tyson and very much that), even die hard fanatics like myself can imagine that there may well be life left in that dinosaur frame and Cinnabar even improve it along the way - and that's the real trick here. I guess when you are not competing for the riches of the real world, making music for yourself and a few close friends, you can indeed make nine and a half minutes whizz by. Only, however, by making a very complex, ever shifting and never repeating piece of music that - in every way - fully deserves to be called a work of art. Forget whatever prejudice you harbour, it's is an awesome piece of music, whatever you want to call it. The only question remaining is whether it could be sustained longer without damage. Watch this space.

MUST HAVE (I said that) adult prog rock.

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