Thursday, March 08, 2007

Alchemystic - Cerulean Skies

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When I first encountered Alchemystic he was classed as a Video Game soundtrack and/or experimental musician and that first track - Sands Of Time (May 2005) soon showed that label the door. Classed these days as Other Alternative, it's a genre that fits his work like a glove. That first track got a recommended from me, and it has not been the last of them. Since that time, not only has Alchemystic explored lots of musical nooks and crannies, he has entertained me and a great many others along the way. It's fair to say that Alchemystic is now one of the better known Soundclick artists - particularly from the strength of musical skills although his forum musings have won him some mates too.

So, stop calling him Billy No Mates, OK? ;P

I have to say that my bias towards tracks like Cerulean Skies comes from the willingness of the artist to pursue something wherever it leads, even if to most ears it may not work. In other words, daring to different and that - more than any other reason - is what makes Cerulean Skies a track worth assigning a place on your hard drive for. As much as I expected something of quality from Alchemystic - as I have found to my pleasure - nothing forewarned me that this artist was about to come up with a beautifully complex, and immensely fulfilling peice of gender-bending such as this. Usually, in the first phase of reveiwing I am not sure which will survive continued listening but I knew as soon as I heard this that it had substantial meat on its bones.

You expect a bit more than the average from this calibre of artist (mentioned in both 2005 and 2006 awards) and in this case I think this artist has really stretched out with this track. Mind you, it might well be the khamsin winds that this track evokes that's blowing all this sand in my face - whatever it is, I likes it. It's that shifting sand of the arrangement (west, east, west, east) that first sucked me in and I'm willing to bet it will do the same for you too. Moreover, I'll go down on record and say this is absolutely the best thing I have ever heard from this quarter. Mind you, that might be because Alchemystic strays so far into my World music world (if you know what I mean) it should be number 1 in that genre, even though it's not actually billed as such. (Ed: it is billed as World Fusion, Gilmore just needs to learn to read...)

MUST HAVE world extravaganza

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