Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Fluidity - Higher Ground

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Considering he's only been around Soundclick for just over a year, John Paul Carroll (aka Fluidity) has certainly managed to make a considerable impression, even to the point of snagging one of my SC Star 2006 awards - and of course the obligatory string of fawning, obsequious reviews from yours truly. That's probably got much to do with the fact that I do like the kind of rock that Fluidity specialises in, although - it has to be said - not every track has hit me with the same impact. To my ears, Fluidity's music speaks more from the Antipodean school of rock than say anything manufactured in the US or UK and that is somewhat of a acquired taste.

Contain's deep and meaningful lyrics, JP gleefully informs us in this song comments, as if we would expect anything else from him :D My only comment about those lyrics is that, 40 years on, the same sentiments that infused the whole CND/hippie/stop the war thing are just as relevant today - nothing ever changes eh? As much as we learn about the utter futility of war, our politicians really do live in another world where war is an act of policy as much as necessity. Higher Ground starts off with a considerably more American sound than I am used to from this quarter and is most definitely leaning more towards the heavier end of the rock spectrum. Nothing wrong with that because the music....well....rocks. I knew that was always the case with JP but believe me this track has TEETH to frighten babies with...

For my money, the track takes too long to get to the real meat and taters and that's a shame because it actually is a very good track indeed once it gets started. Obviously you would need to like yer rock a bit on the dandruffy side and/or be aware of Fludity anyway but get past the first minute or so of this track and it's true strength will kick you a whole new asshole. The vocals are often a problem in Fluidity tracks and that applies here noticeably. S'all OK when you are into the higher ground refrain but somehow the main vocal always seems to come off second best and - in a track where lyrics (and clarity of said thingies) is all important - that could be seen as a problem. Maybe it's a product of the way JP records; ie backing vocals last instead of the other way around, or something interfering with the higher frequencies. Still, wtf do you care about it eh? Does it rock, that's the only currency you are interested in innit?

Slightly flawed yeah, but feel the bollocks... Recommended Heavy rock bash.

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