Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Azoora - Marzipan Demo

Hear The Track Here

If you hang around on sites like Soundclick for years (Ed: he wandered in here 4 years ago and he hasn't stopped bellyaching since) you get used to the ebb and flow of this life. Artists, for example, wander in and out of this place in bewildering quantities, depositing tracks and getting involved in the forums; then they drop off the face of the map. I'm real glad to see that Azoora have not joined that maddening circus. Sites like this need to have artists that inspire and Azoora's pedigree is solid, as is John Purcell in his many guises. After a very healthy start around the middle of 2005, the last time I came across an Azoora track was a collaboration with HELLbus, but nothing from them as artists in their own right for ages.

OK, lemme explain. Azoora are a real band, on this track consisting of Paul Loader (acoustic guitar/lead vox), John Purcell (electric guitar/production), Trudi Lawrence (backing vocals) and Ben Cockran on drums. I think that Ben is a new addition because I can't remember them having a drummer when I knew them back in the day. If I had not had this previous experience of the magic Azoora can conjure up, then a quick listen to Marzipan would soon put me right on that score. Considering that John Purcell has studied all aspects of recorded and performed sound, the mix and production is everything I would have expected and a tad more just for luck.
Marzipan is a beautifully tasteful indie alternative track coloured by acoustic guitars, and sweet, sweet voices; made almost orgasmically perfect around 1:40 when the main melody kicks in. It's also a lovely song, full of warmth and light, the faultless production serving to display the song with the right tones and emotions. In other words, a thoroughly professional performance in every respect and one I added to my hard drive within two plays - even though I loved it within the first two seconds. I can't think if I have had a track that really blew me away this year so far, but this may very well be it, only time will tell. Right now, I love it to death and cannot find any substantial fault in it in any form - and it's not for want of trying. Lovely.

MUST HAVE. Killer tune.

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