Thursday, March 22, 2007

Rude Corps - When There's Just Me And You (w/ Sir)

Hear The Track Here

It came as a bit of a surprise to me that the first review I did with this artist was so long ago, my how time flies when you are having fun. I listened to and reviewed Tonight's Alright (September 2005) and - judging by that review - I thought that the artist had something. Fast forward almost a year and Cosmetics confirmed that Rude Corps were good at what he does (electronica with a dark tinge) gaining a highly recommended rating from me and I can't even say I am a fan of this particular style or genre. I can appreciate it sure enough, but it isn't what I would personally pick to listen to unless, as in this case, it is carried off with a bit of style. There are very few electronica artists who really keep my interest over a long period, and all along it would seem that Rude Corps has had that potential although not - as yet - blowing my socks off with a track.

And with 213 tracks on his page, it isn't lack of practice is it?

If you are easily offended, I'd look away now. The reason I say this is because Rude Corps says that 'the idea behind this was to write a flat out porn song - a song to get lasses wet just listening to it....' Ooo er missis indeed. Personally, I think that is a highly laudable goal for any musician to aim for, but I would do because I am a fully paid up member of the DOM club (think about it). The (spoken) lyrics, vocals and basic idea are a friend of RC called Sir (hence the title), Rude Corps is solely responsible for the music. As someone who really loved such beat poets as Linton Kwesi Johnson and John Cooper Clark (who Sir reminds me of) I really liked this guy's delivery and - unfortunately - the lyrics are not online but what I can decipher sounds well good.

Quite why Dolly (don't ask) said in the review comments that I probably wouldn't like this is beyond me, because I like good hip hop beats and rhythms and I especially love poetry delivered in that flat, laconic Northern English accent. Although it's fairly linear and doesn't move much from what its starts out with, there is still some substantial mileage in the track; mainly from the little piano licks, a couple of nice breaks and a lovely build towards the end. Oh sure, it isn't going to set the world on fire with but it certainly isn't something the musicians should be hanging their heads in shame over. Point of fact, give it more than a couple of plays and it may well grow on you as it did with me. Oh, and yes, it's well naughty, so beware of the sexual content in front of your Momma.

Highly Recommended hip hop with a unique UK twist (or should that be kink?)

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