Thursday, March 22, 2007

Necromancer - Conjoint With Confucious (Cut 2)

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Here's a completed circle. When I first brought my reviews to Soundclick (I had been doing them on another site) the roster of artists was (obviously) much smaller than it is now. Given that, it stands to reason that the forum was - in some instances - much more of a community although the spam level was always high. Funnily enough, it was this artist and this track (or its earlier incarnation) that was one of the first tracks I ever reviewed on here. The original Conjoint With Confucious (July 2003) was a belting drums and bass and I wrote at the time that it was 'high energy, no-time-to-be-bored, and it sounds bloody awesome played at 'kill the neighbours' volumes'. As you would have expected, I ended up keeping it and it's still hanging around somewhere to this day.

No matter because the original is still on his page (almost at the bottom) but - listening back to it - I think I'd have to say it's showing its age a bit, and I probably wouldn't be as rapturous about it these days; especially given the competition these days. Like myself Necromancer (aka The Shallow Man) has delved into his back catalog for something to remix and I must admit that this track could do with an update, especially if it puts a new slant on the original idea. The most obvious change would be (and indeed is) the overall quality of sound, we have come a long way in computer music technology since then, and it shows in the cleanness and clarity of the mix - which to be honest felt a little light to me.

The original track is pretty much all there, and sad to say there isn't much in the way of innovation concerning new parts so I think it's much more of a remix than a remaster. Nonethless, although it lacks a lot of the bite of the original (thanks to that light mix) it still has the poke and brio of the original and that is what counts. To be sure you will probably have to like drums and bass to really appreciate this track but hey, there are a lot of people who do. I think my problem with the track is that I liked the original so much that I can't really get this mix....nonetheless, I'm sure some of you will...

Recommended Drums and Bass.

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