Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Nuff X - Heroic

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Nuff X has been around Soundclick now for over three years and in that time, he has come from a standing start to racing ahead of the pack - all down to a sea-change in his work over the past year or so. Mentioned in both the 2005 and 2006 Stevie's Nuff X has attracted the right kind of attention for his breakbeat stylee, and not just because a skinny little twat like me says so. Take a squint at the amount of stations pumping Nuff out to the masses, you don't gather that amount of attention unless you are worth it - and stylistically Nuff X is well worth it.

The musical niche that this artist has carved for himself is at best disjointed and at worst cut-up to fuckry. All of which sounds really bad in plain text but manages to sound staggeringly fresh and original when applied to the earholes in liberal doses. Heroic carries on that fine tradition by starting as if obsessed by the collective works of Leonard Cohen, before getting zapped everywhichway but the weirdest set of musical chops you are likely to hear adorning Soundclick's collective ears. While he does have his afficiendos, I don't think many who don't know this artist would find this track an easy approach although it certainly doesn't lack in interest or ingenuity.

That Cohenism btw is an initial impression only because this is English mardyass (Educational Ed: also means grumpy, out of sorts) personified. The sub-Kevin vocals especially became effective after a few more plays and - surprise surprise - this is going to end up being quite a favourite of mine; and for many of the same reasons I have picked up on previous NX outings. Never one to shy away from something difficult, Nuff X has proved that he has substantial reserves of grand ideas and interpretations of what he is about and Heroic is cut from that cloth. Chock full of interesting bits of aural decor, this is a track to be picked over at leisure and I'm already certain it's got 'deep inside, deep inside' my brain. He's also responsible for the Kevin/Cohen vocals all of which make this a difficult track to really pick up and now it's proving fekking impossible to put down.

Highly Recommended and a terrifically original track.

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