Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Lord Skye - Runaway Hog

Hear The Track Here

Even though he may not think so, Lord Skye is doing quite well in my reviews - especially seeing as he works in a genre (Games Soundtrack) that I usually can't stand. He hasn't (as yet) blown my socks off with anything but hey he's young, there's time. So much so that he has gone a confused 'wtf?' reaction to gaining himself his first Recommended from me last month with Legends Unfurl (Title Theme), although at just over a minute and a bit, to call it a theme is stretching the word drastically. I think I prefer his music from the classically influenced side of his style and that's probably why Legends Unfurl got such a good reaction from me.
Still that was then and this is now...

Billed as a 'bouncy bluegrass skit' it beckons the 'wtf?' reaction before I even get around to playing it. Mind you, I had to wait for a while for this to rotate round and the more I thought about that description, the more intrigued I became. so, donning me wellies and tweeds let's see what's happening down on the farm. Now, just in case you think I may be joking here, let me tell you the first thirty seconds or so of this track will soon disabuse you of that notion. After the entire cast of Animal Farm has thundered by your earholes you become aware that this isn't going to be yer normal kind of track. Oh no. Even the bluegrass element of the track has it's slightly odd side but att the end of the day - somehow - it all manages to coexist quite maturely. Although it would be best to know the meaning of the word irony before getting your feet muddy.

In point of fact, I personally found Runaway Hog most entertaining, in a wild, reckless kind of way. To be sure, it is certainly not going to appeal to a great many listeners because of a) its content or b) it's wickedly realised sense of fun - and that is exactly why I liked it so much. A track for the Contrarians then? Well, no, I think it has a sufficiently good sense of humour it may well appeal to listeners because of that. However, facing reality, it also has to be said that this is probably more a musicians track than anything else. A musical joke, if you like, and one that works surprisingly well - provided you like that sort of thing. It's an oddity and that is the reason I'm gonna be hanging on to it for a while, for those days when I need something to raise a chuckle. Agreed, that'll be most days.

Recommended for the odd at heart. Pig Out.

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