Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Road Apples - Fly Away

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S'funny, I could have sworn Road Apples has had a few reviews off me but according to my H Samuel Everight database, it has only been once. When I reviewed August (in November 2006 funnily enough) I found it a charming pop rock confection set in an extremely listenable Beatle-ish tune. Not surprisingly I gave it a highly recommended because tracks like this usually manage to push all my favourite buttons; jangly guitars, main and backing vocals and a workmalike (hi Ringo!) drumtrack. Like a lot of todyas artists, Road Apples doesn't just mimic the Beatles, he puts his own slant on it and that's never a bad thing - at least in my eyes.

There again, some people just hate that whole Beatles thing, don't they?

Joined on this track by our own Alchemystic (aka arglebargle on the forums) and that is a strange combination, and one I must admit to looking forward to reviewing. The Alchy One provided - in this instance - some of the orchestration and arrangement and I presume was responsible for the final production and mix because it's well up his usual standard. If you want an abiding impression of that standard, take a listen to Cerulean Skies which I reviewed a couple of days ago and loudly declared it an absolute Must Have, so that should give you a clue as to my respect for this particular artist.

Moreover, the combination of their talents really helps the track establish itself in your brain as being something other than 'beatle-like'. Not that there aren't endless Beatle references; the chorus for starters and there is even an almost complete guitar riff taken straight from You Got To Hide Your Love Away all patched together to make a very listenable and enjoyable three minutes and change. There again, as I said earlier, I DO like material with this kind of flavour and the addition of Alchemystic's talents just makes it easier to hit home. There are going to be some people who wouldn't like this kind of music at all, but there are more than enough of us who do, and that will probably do for Road Apples. A most enjoyable track in a fine Beatles tradition, spiced up nicely by Alchemystic's special touch.

Highly Recommended pop/rock.

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