Monday, February 20, 2012

Weylin's Slayer Orchestra - Time

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If there is a circle of Hell especially reserved for reviewers called Gilmore it will have two major features; 24/7 soundtracks at full volume, and the same with prog rock - presumably all at once. Soundtracks have always been my Achilles heel, just can't abide the things - unless they are encased in a great movie THEN I see the point in it. There have been musicians who have swayed me from such extreme viewpoints from time to time (more usual prog rock than soundtracks though) and Weylin's Slayer Orchestra have become one of them. Although he comes up with all kinds of guises, I don't think there is any denying at this stage that - at heart - Weylin is a soundtrack kinda guy. Now normally I'd be bending your ears something rotten by now but - like Charlie Armour (another soundtrack fave) - Weylin manages to bring something else to the party.

Both these musicians write soundtracks as if they were stand alone musical pieces, and to me that means that they think in overall musical terms - rather than fitting the music to visuals - and I think that is what makes the difference. While I will endlessly debate some of Weylin's production tools, I cannot fault the man on delivering a good track, especially if you happen to like soundtracks that have meaning and vision built in from the getgo. One of the main problems Weylin and I have had is of his IMO excessive use of fast kick drums and I do understand it's a stylistic choice and none of my ******* business but....ya know :)

Time is about as varied a piece of music I have heard from this quarter, drifting from mood to mood; one moment calm and relaxing, the next racing along like a greyhound on fire. The sound choices are as varied, veering from full orchestral sounds, to acoustic passages, to heavy rock and surprisingly enough it seems to gel together with ease. Now, hand on heart, I can't say that I actually want to like this but somehow - like a lot of this musicians work - it ends up with me giving a grudging nod of respect for the IDEA of the piece, as well as for the execution. But, as ever, damn that personal taste for getting in the way.

Highly Recommended orchestral rock epic.

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