Saturday, February 18, 2012

Distant Autumn - Edge Of Town

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First out of the Soundclick review box this month is yet another outing for John Brandon who, along with Those Among Us bandmates, made a considerable splash over the last year or so with their three EP's - all of which got a Must Have from me. There again, I've always liked John as a songwriter right back to 2003 and the glory days of his previous band - Silvertrain. John is joined in Distant Autumn by musician/producer Brad Strickland and vocalist Al McNeill, and this is not the first time I have reviewed their material. As far as I can see, I have three other tracks under my reviewers belt, although - it has to be said - their music is quite different to Those Among Us and I think I tend to prefer the rockier style of that band.

That doesn't, in any way, negate Distant Autumn though, just a personal taste. I have no idea why one band tickles my rock sensibilities and the other one doesn't and I guess it is grossly unfair even to compare the two but I have known John's work since forever so that gives me some (dubious) rights, doesn't it? For me though, the quality of Edge Of Town is one of the problems, it's kinda weak production and arrangement don't do the band members any favours because - in truth - they all do a bang up job, especially vocalist Al McNeil who has a great rock voice, albeit used here in a distinctly soft pop rock style - which may well be another problem for me.

Developed, like a lot of their work, for inclusion in Xbox's Rock Band program and site. I think the more commercial rock market is where it's aimed at, and definitely not something specifically aimed at old farts like me. It's American (sorta) style and it's easy, singalong manner will definitely appeal to those fans of the game I know, and I know a fair few of them. Most of the indie music I have heard on there is similar in many ways to Edge Of Town but IMHO Distant Autumn have far, far more to offer than this shows - as good as it undoubtedly is as far as market placing goes.

Recommended soft pop rock.

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