Saturday, February 18, 2012

Whitman Speck - Can't F*** With Me

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Whitman Speck is about the only rapper I have ever known where I absolutely agree with the Parental Advisories he manages to pile up at his door. Whitman Speck is a man to be taken very seriously indeed, he definitely put the hardcore into hardcore like no other I know of. Actually to be more specific it is actually horrorcore we are discussing here which seems to be a growing genre on Soundclick. However, Whitman is the guy who brought it home to me with the likes of Dead or Alive (February 2009), I Spit Hate (July 2009) and the eponymous King Of The Sickos (February 2011). All bloated, blood-filled tales of grotesque, and no doubt dastardly, doings of his cast of characters - none of which it would be safe to introduce to any members of your family.

Not if you want to see them again.

I do understand that something as extreme as Whitman Speck is very much a specialised taste, and I am not saying that his style will appeal to everyone. However, I will point out that the access point for me - at the beginning - was definitely the music. The man has an unerring knack for picking kickass beats and rhythms, and then flaying it alive with the verbals he injects into the mix. It makes for a potent combination, when it works. When it doesn't, and believe me that isn't often, it's still miles better than most hardcore you are likely to hear.

Whitman Speck, a London based musician, shows his roots - to me anyway - with his choices of music; a very English, hard hitting track. There's a piano figure running through it that gives you the creeps after a while, if the lyrical content hasn't made your ears curdle beforehand. Seriously, I am used to this rapper's uncompromising stance concerning a) profanity in all its various forms and b) word pictures of extreme physical and sexual violence but even Can't F*** With Me had me doing the ol' eyebrow raising trick. Definitely not a track I'll be playing to my neighbours, and - even given the rappers previous lyrical record - very, very close to the bone. Can't believe I just said that, but I think you'll get what I mean...

Highly Recommended Horrorcore (NOT recommended for sane minds)

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