Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Darius Lux - Best Day (Video)

Hear The Track Here

OK time to strap on the ol' printing press and get these reviews rolling otherwise I'll have another hundred or so lining up to have a go. Bit of a late start because ya boys been sick. OK, enough comments about 'always' being sick, not that kind of sick. Flu bugs and listening to music to not go together. It's like listening to something with your ears stuffed with popcorn. Anyway, enough of my travails, lets take a look at Darius Lux, an American musician/singer we have met before.You may remember me reviewing the Time Is Now EP (May 2011) and well tasty it was too, albeit in a fairly standard format, being rock based melodic songs.

Right up my street you would have thought and truth is I did enjoy the EP in all it's glory, including Best Day which was one of it's highlight tracks. It got a Must Have from me, which isn't bad seeing as Darius was then a new name to me from Lafamos, a bastion of quality as I have discovered. As good as the EP was there were two absolutely standout tracks on it, Best Day and Way That It Goes so I guess it came as no surprise that the far poppier Best Day was the one singled out to be made into a flash new video. Produced by London Penn Productions the video for Best Day is very slick, mixing cartoon like sequences, all the time draping the band in the appropriate get-up to fit and is a great showpiece.

It means nothing however - mere eye candy - unless the music that it is supposed to support can stand up for itself and as I said, Best Day is definitely the most accessible track on the EP and it fares just as well on this outing. In fact it reinforced my initial impression of it when I was listening to it before Christmas as part of my round up review of 2011 (the Stevies, doncha know). Not only was it a good song first time round, it's much better with added video and a second performance outside it's EP context. Now while it shares a lot of American roots (think Cars, Huey Lewis, Cheap Trick), it's still a standout track in that kind of standard rock pop way. Besides, it's a cute video....

Highly Recommended rock pop video.

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