Monday, February 20, 2012

Ian Dadon - The Incredible Inevitable

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Doesn't seem like Isreali musician Ian Dadon has been around Soundclick for so long but lo, I first met him with The Comedian (November 2009). My how time flies. Since then I have reviewed almost a dozen of his tracks, mostly liking his brand of (almost prog) rock although there have been a couple of tracks that did miss the mark IMHO. Still, it's just an opinion and I guess those people who already like what he does will take no notice but I tend to take a longer view. Having a niche audience is all well and good, if that's as far as you want to go. To get a much larger audience, however, means that you have to grab ears at every opportunity and that generally means superlative work.

As a songwriter, Ian has no problems, he is very good at this; his songs are nuanced and intricate - sometimes too much so. It's as a home producer where this generally falls down for me and I know it's not fair to get all antsy about something the artist has very little control over but facts are facts. It is almost impossible to up your game when your restrictions are great, made all the more so if you have no contact with others of a like musical mind. I bring this up because I do sense a lot of introspection in Ian's work, and that may well be a stylistic thing on his part; after all navel gazing is a huge musical industry these days. What complicates matters is that the songs tend to be less straightforward and the arrangements often over fussy.

Having said all that, The Incredible Inevitable is a much better sounding track than I remember him sounding before. It's punchy (especially the drum track) and meaty in the right places and it's a pretty good vocal effort although you will need to read the lyrics to get any sense out of it. In point of fact, this is a really good track for Ian and shows that he is doing all the right things. By way of reassurance, this is exactly the way it went with JPC (NZ) until he started hitting his stride, and now the man is unstoppable, albeit with a long time between releases. Quality, not quantity, is what always counts in the longer term. In the meantime, sink your teeth into this a while and see what you think.

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