Monday, February 20, 2012

Fear 2 Stop - Dream Installer

Hear The Track Here

Out of all the bands and musicians I have reviewed down the years, I've probably spewed more words about Houston's Fear 2 Stop than anyone else - by a country mile. Do this, do that, do this differently I wrote, month after month after month. All, I might add, to no avail. Fear 2 Stop started life as they meant to go on, doing their own thing which - in the process - has endeared them to fans on Soundclick, although I do fear for their sanity should Soundclick decide to call it a day. I think it is fair to say that Fear 2 Stop are probably the same now as they were when I first came across them; fiercely uncompromising in their style and delivery. It's always been the same, you either love them or hate them...

They have undeniably improved over this time. All bands do but musically Fear 2 Stop have always sounded like this, and probably always will and there lies their strength and their weakness. I would be very interested in hearing what other sites made of this outfit, but I guess I'll have to wait to find that out. Dream Installer is as hot off the F2S press as it gets, recorded at the beginning of the month and shown out of the door almost immediately, I think this is the first brand new track for quite some time. Of course, 'new' is a relative term, the track may well be new - but the musical ideas being pushed are the time honoured Fear 2 Stop staples; relentless rhythms, more wtf per square inch than most people can take in one go, and a line in analog sounds that clearly spells out who this is.

It's a given then that you should like the wilder side of the musical spectrum to get anything (other than earache) from a Fear 2 Stop track although I have to say - in their defence - this style does seem to grow on you. That persistence of vision helps, as I say they sounded like this right back at the very beginning, and that refusal to tow any kind of musical line has won them more than a few fans but has probably earned them more insults and abuse than most too. It won't mean anything whatsoever to them. of course, and that is the way it should be - despite what reviewers like me may think or say. Sure, it might be a lonely existence but it is a painfully honest one for all that. Credible wtf from past masters of the art.

Highly Recommended for fans, avoid if different offends you.

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