Monday, February 13, 2006

Steve Gilmore Reviews: Tricks For Agnes - Down Rosie Goes

Artist: Tricks For Agnes
Title: Down Rosie Goes

I have to admit straightaway that I am not a big fan of the latest crop of singer/songwriters such as Damien Rice, James Blunt, david Gray et al. Sorry about that, but I like my music with a bit of muscle to it, ya know what I mean? The reason I start out with this kind of proviso is because at least two of those artists feature as influences for Tricks For Agnes. Despite the name, TFA is a Belgian singer/songwriter who works in the pop rock field and is a completely new name to me. Judging by the sparseness of his Soundclick website, he is new to this place too but I guess we shouldn't let that stop us eh?

So obviously I am entering this review with a bias chip on my shoulder a mile wide and the truth is that the track has to go some to get my attention. It wouldn't have succeeded in lesser hands but obviously Trciks For Agnes - although new to Soundclick - is not new to the music making game. Judged by this example, he's a seasoned professional in all respects; recording, arranging and production and - as it happens - he's no mean shakes as a songwriter either because Down Rosie Goes is a slice of music done in the best possible way. Try as hard as I might, I could find nothing in this track that I could sink my critical claws into...

And you KNOW how hard I try to draw a scream from my victims ;)

The simple truth is that Down Rosie Goes is three minutes and change of some of the best pop music you are likely to hear, as polished as it gets. While it's true that TFA's work does sound a little like the artists I've mentioned above, there's a lightness of feeling to the track that couldn't help but bring a smile to the hardest of hearts. The effect is burnished with a production quality that you would be hard pressed to come up with in the real world so for it to come out of a 'home recording' is nothing less than a miracle. To be sure this track piqued my interest in hearing more from this quarter, despite my intense dislike for some of the 'wet' (read soppy) sounds this genre is capable of. If you like the genre then this is a gem and you should clutch it to your bosom immediately. Even if you don't like the genre but can appreciate a good song and classy production, again clutch away. T'ain' that often I get to do this first time out but this is....

Highly Recommended.

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Al said...

A nice track.

This is pop, but the kind of pop that requires real talent to create and play. Reminded me a bit of John Mayer.