Monday, February 13, 2006

Steve Gilmore Reviews: Fluidity - Prediction=Presumption

Artist: Fluidity
Title: Prediction=Presumption

When I reviewed Fluidity's This Time (January 2006) I absolutely loved it. It's musical style, detail and indiosyncratic production put me strongly in mind of early Pink Floyd (in their acoustic moods). It still sits on my hard drive and I play it often so if you haven't heard this little gem yet, I strongly advise you to check it out. Putting this gentle, loping track against Prediction=Presumption is like crushing a butterfly on a wheel. Where This Time has a beauty and liquid grace that fair takes your breath away, Prediction goes about its business by pummelling you into submission with sharp dose of classic rock.

The more I listened to it, the more it put me in mind of the vocal style of The Cure. Mind you, they could NEVER have rocked out like Fluidity, who seems to have special touch for this. Either that or he has taken a great many less downers than Crawley's finest. I'm not exactly sure the vocal production treatment actually works, although the performance and tone certainly do. Maybe a touch too much reverb? No matter though, because when contrasted with the rest of this excellent, very appealing rock dynamo, it's very small change indeed. I said in my first review of this artist that the name really sums up the music; tight, precise and as mobile as mercury, Fluidity deliver with a professionalism that is a joy to experience.

John Paul Carrol (aka Fluidity) has only been around Soundclick a short time but going by the reaction to these two tracks, I don't think it's going to be long before a lot more ears latch on to this New Zealand based musician. For me, the juxtapostion of these two tracks - This Time and Prediction=Presumption - shows that Fluidity is no one-trick pony. He is as at home with a much heavier style as he is with something as light and delicate as This Time. I gave that track a Highly Recommended rating because of it's style, and I do the same with this track. I'd also advise Fluidity to stretch out a bit and cover a few other sites besides Soundclick because there are plenty of sites who would lap up this material (Songplanet and MP3 Unsigned are two instant love matches with Songplanet being the more rock leaning site). Oh, and I'm keeping this track too...

Highly Recommended, rock as it should be...

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