Thursday, February 16, 2006

Steve Gilmore Reviews: N Talekt - I Got U

Artist: N Talekt
Title: I Got U

Looking around N Talekt's Soundclick page, it's fairly obvious that he's fairly new to the site - even if he isn't new to the hip hop scene he inhabits. Not that being new has ever stopped anyone for delivering decent, downloadable material, although it does often mean that the person IS new to the music making game and that I would take notice of. See, unlike some people, I can't really see the point in ripping someone a new butt just because they happen to be new to making music, although I will point out things that I think need correcting and suggest ways to overcome them.

Something to do with being a soft touch, I guess...

Despite my leanings towards other genres, I do have a great and abiding love for the hip hop scene and - over the years - I have reviewed a lot of Soundclick's hip hop artists although not always to their satisfaction. I fear that much the same thing is going to occur here because where all his mates may well be telling N Talekt he is the ****, that isn't the conclusion I came too. There is nothing about I Got U that would make me want to come back for more, and certainly nothing that would make me suggest that this artist is any worse or any better than the bulk of hip hop on Soundclick. I Got U is - as you would expect - a bit of a love song 'especially for the ladies' as NT says in his song comments, but it's lacklustre delivery and basic arrangement doesn't put me in mind of kissy kissy fumble fumble.

The lyrics, what I can make out anyway, are also fairly pedestrian but it's the basic arrangement where it all falls apart more than any other element. There is nothing of very much interest there even if you do like the genre, and the main kinda plucked melody lines are way too thin and regular to be the highlight of the track they should rightfully be. Obviously these are things that can be put right easily enough but as it is, they elements in this track do suggest a bit of a rush job, certainly denoting a basic lack of post production techniques. Put up against some of the stronger hip hop artists on Soundclick (which IS N Talekt's main competition after all), this doesn't even come to close to what really cuts it. Giving this artists the benefit of the doubt is all well and good, but judging by this example there is some way to go before he is the ****.

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