Saturday, February 18, 2006

Steve Gilmore Reviews: CJ Freq-X - The Greens Of Gaia

Artist: CJ Freq-X
Title: The Greens Of Gaia

Been a bit of a bumper month for Mumbai based CJ Freq-X because already I've reviewed his collaborative effort Muted Silence (with Nuff-X, wiv no CJ in front) and now here he comes again. Cheeky blighter, eh wot? S'OK though because I do like this electronica artists work whether its with someone else or alone like this. For a 17 year old, CJ has a real good grasp of musical presentation so even if the genre doesn't necessarily float your boats, you should find something of interest. I first encountered his work when I reviewed Psycho Rampage (October 2005) and was surprised to find a musical sense that made the genre hop about a bit.

Since then he has become a firm favourite, both with this reviewer and the electronauts who frequent Soundclicks electronica scene. As you can imagine, The Greens Of Gaia is a floaty froth, full of new age-ism and definiitely fits it's mellow description (not that the title doesn't give the whole plot away in the first glance). As it happens it's a classic Freq track in every respect, his blend of instrumental styles (he is Indian after all) and his sense of what makes western music work give this beautiful little track a very positive glow to pass on to you - the listener. What most attracts me to his work is the often haunting but always interesting melodies he weaves into every second of his tracks.

The Greens Of Gaia is not an exceptional track - as far as his other tracks go - but in the genre you will be hard pressed to come up withing finer. Sounds like hefty praise, doesn't it, especially for one so young. I think my own ambivalence to the track comes from this whole Mother Earth bollocks that imbues much of todays music. All a bit hippy for my tastes - or being an old fart - a bit too close to the truth; that my generation thought they would change the world and didn't and this generation who have no choice but to change the world or we'se all fekked... So with that positive and friendly vibe nuzzling its way into our fevered brow, I'll bow out by saying that CJ Freq-X should be listened to by just about everyone because on his page he has something for everyone.

Recommended for the Mother Earthers and other good folk...

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