Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Steve Gilmore Reviews: Scott - Need Some Help

Artist: Scott
Title: Need Some Help

Another new name to me this month is the easily written Scott. A new MP3 Unsigned artist working in the Contemporary Acoustic field and - as we well know - that listing can encompass a multitude of sins... A home studio musician who - in common with all of us - writes and performs songs because he 'cannot imagine NOT doing it'. Welp, join the club mate because there are MILLIONS of us out here who all think the same thing. I should also make a note here that Scott won first place in MP3 Unsigned's Christmas competition with Loving Someone Else - and MP3 Unsigned judges can be very, very harsh so that says something about what kind of quality to expect from this artist.

It still amazes me how - 30 years after their heyday - The Beatles still inform much of todays generation of musicians and that is the closest reference I can make with this track. In it's arrangement, Need Some Help could well have come from the mid-1960's in it's bright, pop style. In essence this is an unbashed 'feel good' track in the time honoured tradition inspired by the Fab Four that - had this been the summer - would go down a treat into bringing sunshine into peoples lives. Again, I am struck by how far 'home' recording has come in the past few years because - as a real world producer - I am hard pressed to say whether this is or is not 'master' quality. To be sure, the mix and production helps enormously in making this the bright, shining geegaw that it is, but that would be only half the story.

The real secret to the Beatles songs was - of course - accessability. It had to have a sing a long chorus that you could pick up from one listen, and have some great harmonies to go with it and Need Some Help has all of those things. I love a good song, and this track fulfills that need perfectly. It's straightforward, no nonsense approach to the art of crafting a good song makes this track stand out above its contemporaries like beacon on a dark night. As soon as I heard it, I knew this would be living on my hard drive, and I will be sure to check out this very talented songwriter a lot more over the next couple of months. It probably won't appeal to the technoheads out there - and even they may recognise a great track when they hear it - but most of us will get a feeling of warmth and cosiness from this that you won't get from many other so called 'pop' tracks.


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PFTW said...

An enjoyable listen! THe Beatles comparison is obvious. It also has that 80's Billy Joel kind of feel.