Sunday, February 19, 2006

Steve Gilmore Reviews: Thielus Grenon - Land So Distant

Artist: Thielus Grenon
Title: Land So Distant

Life on the internet never ceases to fascinate me. A couple of years ago this artist was all over Soundclick because I distinctly remember his brand of prog rock which I think he was doing long before Sylvan & Bonamici teamed up. It was a bit of a surprise then to see on the review list this month that he had returned from whatever wilds had possessed him, so welcome back Thielus. See, the thing is that I don't really like progressive rock in any form. Probably because it brings back haunting memories and a sickening in the stomach - it's all that bombast, ya see. It makes me fairly bilious. Looking back through my reviews I can only find one review I did of this artist at the time (but I do remember doing more) and I gave that a 'well worth checking out' thingie so it couldn't have been that nauseous an experience.

I've made light in those past reviews of this artists music to sound very like Yes in their heyday and after listening to Land So Distant, I find no reason whatever to change that view and much to strengthen it. A very fluid, sophisticated peice that (despite it's Yes type tendencies) never falls into the 'look at me, I'm really clever' trap, it sounds like Theilus had a lot of fun making this track. It's in the sound quality and the highly professional production where this track scores highest. There is so much going on in this track that it must have been a nightmare to mix down and - to my ears - it's about as right as it could ever get. As much as the first musical reference just has to be Yes, there's a lot more pure Grenon happening here this time, and that IS an improvement from previous tracks.

There are some many good things in this song to point out I could fill up the page from here to tomorrow but here are some of the highlights; the lead interplays between guitars and keyboards, the incredibly 'present' toms, the fluid and mesmerising build runs, and - for me personally - the arrangement. It will take many, many plays to squeeze every bit of enjoyment out of it, and that to me is the mark of when the music is worth the candle. Seems like the break has been really beneficial to his skills, certainly enough to make this old cynic sit up so abruptly I spilled coffee on my lap. Theilus says 'This is a song about loss. It is dreary, depressive and angry' Don't you believe a word of it; it's elegant, polished, entertaining and IN NO WAY dreary. In fact, it's a...

MUST HAVE (especially if you like the clever stuff...)

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