Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ted Hovis - The Place You Called Home

Hear The Track Here

Alright you lot, gather round and pay attention. Hands up those of you who would own up to being 'probably a bit too old to still be doing this'. Chances are that you are looking at a wide cross section sure enough but IMHO - certainly on music sites - the older musicians probably outweigh all others. So now we have that canard out of the way, allow me to introduce you to Washington DC's Ted Hovis, who supplied the infamous quote this time round. I met this musician through the blog and, I admit, is a new name to me but that's never stopped me making a fool of myself before so why stop now eh? Funnily enough through the blog requests I am getting a fair amount of musicians who are - technically - professionally recorded. As is the case with Ted who recorded his latest CD with uber-producer Kevin Gutierrez.

Hey it makes a change from the usual rabble.

Given all the points recorded above, you would expect to be able to eat a nice four course meal off the production and mix and indeed you can. The Place You Called Home is about as good as it gets technically, Kevin Gutierrez supplied the drums/drum programming and keyboards (on this track) were supplied by Jamie Kowalski, all the rest is the work of the man himself, although there is a surprise appearance from Jenn Colten on backing vocals. To be honest I could have done with hearing a bit more of her part in the mix but that's probably me being me. Like the production, the performance is excellent from all participants, giving the track an easy accessibility - especially if you like rock.

Right from the bluesy intro, The Place You Called Home shouts out quality and the depth of the arrangement absolutely guarantees a certain amount of 'I wonder what comes next?' That's always a good place, I find, to mug the listener into submission and why Ted is going to find a ready enough audience for his work. See, in my world, when all is said and done, it doesn't matter at all HOW you made the music, what counts is does it do the business, and The Place You Called Home certainly does on all the levels that count.

Highly Recommended quality rock.


Anonymous said...

I've checked it out and it's fantastic. Nice, accurate review.

Anonymous said...

Great CD!