Friday, September 16, 2011

Dan Fisk - Bruises From The Backseat EP

Hear The Track Here

You may have noticed that all the reviews so far are from musicians we (me and you lot, that is) haven't come across before and, in many ways, that is a mixed blessing. Mainly because I am scrabbling desperately to get past the long lead in between someone asking for a review and actually getting one. So I'm concentrating this month on reducing the ever increasing pile of requests from the Rebel Riffs blog, Soundclick artists will be along later. And for those who are confused as hell because you are reading the blog and wondering what Soundclick has to do with it, I post these reviews there too. So, let me bring forward Washington, DC based singer-songwriter Dan Fisk.

Bruises From The Backseat was released in June this year and - in a perfect world - it has done extremely well because I certainly couldn't find anything to fault with this well assembled and performed collection of songs. As you know, I'm not a great fan of the softer, more romantic side of music (especially the rock kind) but when it is put together this well, even I can come round to admitting to liking it. For a philistine like me then, the first couple of tracks (A Thousand Love Songs and Part of You) as good as they were, not for me. In fact, the track that finally dragged me into the party was Little Things, a slight country flavoured song that has an amazing grip if you let it.

What sealed the deal for me was the excellent cover of a little known Paul Simon song, Stranded in a Limousine and the truly staggering Life and Limb which is an awesome blend of bluegrass, barbershop and country that snagged me instantly. Dan writes 'A little bit bluegrass, a touch of country, and a tip of the hat to A Cappella and barbershop music. This song certainly stands out on the album' For my money too, this is the absolutely standout track but that is not to denigrate (in any way) any of the other excellent tracks on this six track EP. Go, listen, especially if you are in a romantic mood, Me, I'll settle for the brilliance of Life and Limb and that'll be good enough for this emotional philistine.

Highly Recommended songwriter.

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