Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ed Muirhead - Cage For The Clouds LP

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You wouldn't know it to look at him but there was a time when Elton John was considered cool. I know he has always had the smack of wetness about him but IMHO when he was first staring out writing songs with Bernie Taupin, Elton actually hit the spot more often than not. The reason I bring Pop's poison dwarf (Ed: Damn, that's harsh Gilmore) into this review is because Promises Are Broken, the first track of Cage For The Clouds, sounds like early Elton and is a terrific song for all that. Our first review subject this month, then, is Scottish musician Ed Muirhead whose DIY album (and record label incidentally) and if the first track was anything to go on, a fun time is promised - especially if you like a good 'choon'.

In my world, someone who gets up off their arse and creates something already gets big kudos from me, especially if you are just one person, but to do it as well as Ed has managed it is a pleasure indeed and he should feel proud of his achievement. Having said that, I have to say in all honesty that the singer-songwriter thing has definitely peaked with me, so it was a bit surprising that got so involved in this album so much. The eleven tracks it contains are all pretty much of a muchness, although Cage For The Clouds gets a big thumbs up from me for the song and delivery; my kind of ballad.

All the songs revolve around love, the getting and losing of, and - Elton John similarity aside - sit well as a complete, rounded whole, leaving the listener with what seems like a very organic musical experience. However, I know what material of this quality takes in terms of love, passion, dedication and commitment and I am going to be right out there in saying - whatever you think about the style - you are not likely to hear much better quality indie music than on this album which I heartily recommend should be listened to 'of a piece' ie track after track. It's an old fashioned notion, I know, but I found approaching this album with that in mind made the experience that much more relevant.

High class UK Indie songwriting. Highly Recommended.

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