Friday, July 31, 2009

Ofelia Dorme - Sometimes Its Better To Wait EP

Hear The Track Here

The last track up this month is a six track EP that came through a request to my Rebelriffs blog. Ofelia Dorme are a four piece band from Bologna, Italy and I'm glad they approached me to review this EP, and that is just from my cursory listen to To Wait (the opening track) while downloading the whole EP. Damn, what a great track this is, so catchy it hurts. More to the point its got the ultimate deal maker in Francesca Bono, whose vocal shines out of this track like the talent it is - and what a voice. Brrrrr, know what I mean? New Pieces of Science (track two) shows that not only can this band deliver extremely high quality product, they also know EXACTLY how to wring every nuance out of their music.

I think this material is self produced and a huge pat on the back for everyone involved is well in order; some of the best overall sounding tracks I have heard this year. It's the quality of the songwriting and performance that nailed me though and I suspect you'll probably be influenced by them too. See, I do like my music to be intelligent, to do things I wouldn't have expected, to challenge what is considered 'commercial' In two tracks, Ofelia Dorme had satisfied that need and 6.17 (track three) went so much further, showing that all the material has considerable chops.

Bells sounds almost German in its style and execution, and it adds to the charm of the song; a beautifully recorded acoustic piece that raises bumps on my arms. The kind of track of track you need to lie back and enjoy. This World starts like a Paul Simon song on speed, then REALLY picks up traction when the main song kicks in. Another absolutely top class production and another great song. The Ballad Of The Bitter End completes this really stunning collection of highly complex, yet very listenable songs. This EP is definitely something that should be listened into its entirety, it will give you a great insight into this band. Whatever the EP's title, in this case it's better to grab and run!

MUST HAVE what? rock? acoustic? Whatever, best thing I've heard all year. Don't miss this.

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